Red, White, Black and Blue: The Revenge of Billy Jack


Continuing my investigation of the body as a metaphor of the existential threats to our survival, Red, White, Black and Blue: The Revenge of Billy Jack depicts a single fight sequence reduced to individual large format stills. Inspired by famous fight scene (originally filmed in Prescott, Arizona) in which Billy Jack defends the students of the ‘Freedom School’ from the local conservative, the work is emblematic of the contentious nature of humanity at work splintering our fragile socio/political environment.


In a world that appears increasingly drawn on ideological extremes, there exists only right or wrong, black or white, red or blue. This hyperbolic re-envisioning underlines a severe problem in our current society. More importantly, it responds to a major crisis of masculinity and civility that is paving the way for the promotion of provocation, physical altercation and brutality. Billy Jack’s return is a call for resistance to such threats that serve to oppress. It alludes to our need for a hero, or the need to become our own hero in order to restore balance to the combative nature and the abusive divisiveness of our current state.



All Images © Kerry Skarbakka 2017